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Expanding the utility footprint in value-added products and services

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Accenture predicts that North American utilities will see a fifteen percent decline in energy demand by 2025.

46.6 Gw

As of 2017, five classes of behind-the-meter DERs — distributed solar, small-scale CHP, residential smart thermostats, electric vehicles, and energy storage — contributed 46.4 gigawatts of impact on the U.S. summer peak.

Positioning the utility as a trusted energy advisor

Promote Services

Value-added services, capital improvement projects, and energy audits. Deliver relevant personalized suggestions that add value to the customer and expand your revenue opportunities.

Create Better Markets

A platform for contractors, customers, and energy projects. Positioning the utility as the key conduit of transmission, service, generation, and support via a smart marketplace.

Increase Value

Data analytics with the flexibility for Utility 2.0. Leveraging the smart grid to identify the customers most likely to benefit from additional products and services.

Is Your Staff Maximizing Revenue Opportunities

Agentis enables key account managers, field reps, and program directors to improve customer experience, promote facility improvement projects or services, and position the utility as a trusted energy advisor, not just a cost center.

Engagement Portal

Empower better conversations between your staff and business customers who may be interested in capital improvement projects, consulting, and more. Agentis Report Builder functionality enables account managers to quickly and effectively communicate, grow relationships, and promote new business.

Contractor Connect

Utilities are the center of a much larger energy ecosystem. Contractor Connect positions the utility as a hub of data, expertise, and most importantly value. Connect customers with trade allies to help them complete jobs, and send leads to contractors as the source of energy projects. Utilities have the option to charge a referral fee for leads delivered.

Efficiency ID

No two business customers have the same energy needs, and your team needs to prioritize the most valuable accounts first. Efficiency ID pinpoints the businesses that stand out compared to their peers and serves up valuable intelligence to your key account managers. Improve targeting, save time, and increase revenue.

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