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For Energy Efficiency

Exceeding Regulatory Mandates And Building A Greener Energy Future

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Agentis is the first company to deliver third-party verified energy efficiency savings due to behavioral change. An Agentis utility partner saw savings of 2.76% of daily use.


Business customers spent six times as much on energy as residential customers last year, representing 70% DSM potential.

The Leading Solution For C&I Energy Efficiency

Targeted Outreach

Solutions for every type of non-residential customer. Engaging accounts across size, segment, location, and rate type.

Multi-channel Engagement

Tools that connect with customers. Delivering quality information in a variety of impactful reports, portals, and interactions.

A Tailored Experience

A custom configuration for each utility. Enhancing your EE programs by tailoring our approach to individual needs opportunities, and constraints.

Third-Party Verified Behavioral Savings

Agentis is the only company to deliver third-party verified behavioral savings at business accounts and has done so with two distinct products, the Customer Engagement Portal, and the Business Energy Reports. At one utility alone, the Customer Engagement Portal deployment accounted for savings in excess of 276,000 MWh per year.

Business Energy Reports

How do you reach underserved markets? Agentis leverages a multi-channel approach to energy efficiency, delivering high-quality information via web, email, and direct mail. Ensuring your hard-to-reach customers are aware of programs and empowered to save.

Customer Engagement Portal

Energy management software is the greatest driver of energy efficiency results. Your customers expect their utility to give them access to energy data and provide actionable ways to reduce their usage. Agentis digital engagement software drives measurable energy efficiency results.

Advisor Portal

Target the accounts most likely to benefit from energy efficiency programs, on-site audits, and capital improvement projects. The Agentis Advisor Portal enables your staff to quickly identify targets and better communicate energy efficiency information.






Explore Solutions By End User

The customer engagement platform is sold exclusively to utilities. Learn more about how utility partners and their business customers benefit from Agentis technology

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