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Building Stronger Relationships With Your Business Customers

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Of end users are satisfied with the Agentis customer engagement platform. The technology is designed with your business customers in mind, ensuring satisfaction and results.


Utilities that rely on the Agentis engagement platform see 34% fewer calls to business support hotlines.

Building Better Relationships By Delivering Value

24/7 Self Service

A modern customer service experience. Providing access to rate information, usage trends, and program details at the touch of a button.

Demand and Rate Shift

Simple and powerful software for shifting rates and saving money. Generating positive customer sentiment and flattening duck curves.

Smart Markets

A digital market for energy projects. Improving the customer experience by connecting contractors, customers, and energy projects.

Are Your Customers Satisfied?

Investor-owned utilities ranked 38 out of 51 industries on the ACS index. Happier customers and regulators are a goal worth having. Let Agentis help

Customer Engagement Portal

Consumers across all industries expect a new level of service, information, and empowerment. As the energy landscape shifts, it will become more important than ever to provide your business customers with data, suggestions, and most importantly, value. Become a trusted advisor, not just another cost center.

Advisor Portal

Distributed energy resources, micro-grids, and other disruptive technologies are on the horizon. Managing changing load shapes and reducing stress on your capacity will be a priority for utility 2.0. Agentis gives your team the tools necessary to better identify demand and efficiency opportunities in your portfolio.

Contractor Connect

Become an active guide in the customer journey by helping non-residential customers identify projects that can both save them money and connect them with your allies to get the job done. Closing the energy ecosystem will put utilities in a position to be a critical hub of tech, energy, and service.

Business Customer Engagement






Explore Solutions By End User

Agentis only partners with utilities. We do not sell any products directly to consumers. However, some of the Agentis platform tools are deployed to business customers as the end user, and others are deployed to utility staff. Learn more about how each group leverages Agentis technology.

Customer Facing

Utility Facing