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Cost-of-Service Reduction

Embracing A Modern Energy Experience

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Agentis-enabled users report making 34% fewer customer service calls to business support hotlines.


Agentis enabled call center reps resolve two-thirds of calls over the phone vs just 33% before implementing the Advisor Portal tool.

Removing Friction From The Customer Journey

More Efficient Field Visits

Tools to streamline site audits. Enabling field teams to upload photos, add notes, and integrate data with your CIS from their mobile device.

First Call Resolution

Powerful utility-facing analytics. Helping CSR teams "see what the customer sees" in order for staff to better understand issues.

Digital Self-Service

Intuitive, smart, and flexible data analytics. Creating a "digital-first" mentality by making it easy for customers to answer questions themselves.

Is Your Staff Maximizing Revenue Opportunities?

Agentis enables key account managers, field reps, and program directors to improve customer experience, promote facility improvement projects or services, and position the utility as a trusted energy advisor, not just a cost center.

Advisor Portal

Give your staff the power of advanced analytics and machine learning. The Advisor Portal tool lets utility employees, such as call center support reps, view customer data including usage, demand, average profile, and more. This allows them to better understand customer issues and helps them answer questions with clarity and speed.

Report Builder

Reduce the time it takes for your key account managers and field engagement staff to complete energy audits or similar tasks. The Agentis Report Builder tool lets your staff create fully customized, branded reports in seconds. They can even add photos, notes, or other relevant information.

Customer Engagement Portal

Deliver powerful data visualizations, personalized suggestions, and flexible energy simulations to your customer 24/7. Agentis tools help your business customers better understand their energy use so they have fewer questions about their bill. Demand and Usage Shift Analysis tools can even help them determine the best rate plan for their unique use case.

Business Customer Engagement






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The Agentis customer engagement platform is sold exclusively to utilities. Learn more about how utility partners and their business customers benefit from Agentis technology

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