Engage Hard-to-Reach Business Customers


The Agentis Platform Creates an Environment for Utility Success


The Agentis Platform provides your utility with an essential and unique ecosystem where business customers, account managers, engineers, and other utility staff and partners can engage and interact like never before.

The result? Higher levels of customer service, increased energy efficiency, and new revenue-generating opportunities through insights gained from your customers' energy data.


Agentis Platform


Business Users Like It!

Platform Enhancement Modules


This module provides ongoing Smart Grid data analytics and simple data presentment. Data is analyzed and benchmarked, then targeted to business customers on a segment-specific basis to show energy use trends. Businesses can visualize the most expensive time periods and days of the week. They can also see how effective they are at shutting down during off-hours and reducing energy during hot weather. Based on these insights, customers can determine what energy reduction programs suit their facility.


This module provides the utility’s business customers with access and interaction surrounding utility-sponsored capital programs and incentives. When these business customers see their data, they often ask where to turn next. By building energy-efficiency programs into the Platform, the utility’s business customers can start adding action items to their timeline and track how much energy they expend before and after a capital equipment installation or other energy efficiency program implementation.


This module allows utility staff to slice and view the Platform similar to what businesses are able to visualize, only with more powerful analytics and customer profiling capabilities. Utility employees can identify interested targets and leads for energy efficiency program follow-up. The Platform is highly adaptable and can be segmented by business type and size. This can help with targeted efficiency campaigns or provide your account management staff with pertinent information prior to visiting a customer.