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Customer Success Stories

Utilities partner with Agentis to improve customer satisfaction, energy efficiency, and opportunities for non-energy revenue.

Driving Business Customer Engagement with Energy Data

Peter Locke of TerraLocke describes how the Agentis Platform's customer-specific energy data helps drive new customer engagement.

Increasing Customer Service and Satisfaction

Rick Tonielli, Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager at an Agentis utility partner, explains the benefits of The Agentis Platform to "increase our level of service and customer satisfaction."

Agentis: A Responsive Software Development Partner

Agentis builds relationships—as well as software—with and for its customers. Peter Locke of TerraLocke talks about his partnership with Agentis.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The Agentis team made developing the Business Energy Efficiency Monitor easy. They proactively researched our programs to create program recommendations and solutions as well as marketing initiatives that capture the Consumers Energy brand and drive customers to our programs."

Commercial & Industrial Specialty Programs Manager,
Agentis Utility Partner

Whitepapers and Case Studies


Agentis' opt-in Engagement Software Platform for ComEd allowed the utility to claim savings of 2.76%—a first in the CI landscape! Navigant's report explains Agentis' innovative approach to engaging business customers and achieving statistically significant behavior change.

Tapping Energy Savings from an Overlooked Source

Agentis Energy report the results from the first year of a pilot program promoting energy efficiency through behavior change to mid-sized commercial customers.


Verified Energy Efficiency Savings A large Midwestern utility saw 2.75% energy efficiency savings due to behavioral changes after implementing the customer engagement portal.