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Customer Facing Solutions

Tools For Your Business Customers

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Customer Facing Solutions

The Agentis customer engagement platform is a modular software package that can be configured to fit the exact needs of each unique utility. For example, some utilities may take advantage of Agentis' award-winning BER tool to engage their SMB segment, while other may deploy only digital engagement tools like the customer portal. No matter what modules you select for customer engagement, you will gain access to the Agentis data analytics engine and the supporting administrative software.

How Will Your Customers Interact With The Agentis Platform?

Our team applies extensive voice-of-customer research to complex energy data, creating compelling, user-focused products that business customers love.

Customer Data

Segmentation & Analysis

Administration & Branding

Engagement Channels

End Users

Customer Engagement Portal

Voice-of-customer research is at the core of the Agentis Platform. Hundreds of customer surveys and conversations have contributed to enriching the experience for utility partners and their business end-users. VOC research permeates throughout the Platform and has been a main driver for customer satisfaction scores of 94%.

Business Energy Reports

Customers always want to know “Why is my bill up?” BERs answer that question and more! The Agentis Recommendation Engine ensures that each customer receives BER content and solutions that best fit their business, increasing the likelihood for that customer to take a prescribed energy efficiency action.

Contractor Connect

Small business customers are big multi-taskers—and they need scheduling to work on their terms. Being able to access a simple self-service interface 24/7 is preferred over calling utility customer service during operating hours. That’s why Agentis has created an effortless user interface that allows SMB customers to schedule installation times that work within their timelines.

Explore Solutions By Initiative

We understand that every utility has a unique regulatory environment, consumer demands, and corporate strategy, and we know how critical it is to have tools configured to fit those unique challenges. Agentis products are designed for "Engagement" which means they can drive a wide variety of results including energy efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost-of-service reduction.