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Improving Customer Satisfaction

Transforming The Digital Energy Experience

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Digital Self-Service & Actionable Insights

Business customers have come to expect their energy provider to deliver the same level of personalization and ease-of-use that they receive from critical vendors in other industries like banking and telecoms. Agentis enables utilities to transform the digital energy experience in a way that improves overall customer satisfaction while driving low-cost self-service options.

Proactively Answer Customer Questions

Unexpected high bills make up a large percentage of calls to your customer care hotline. These calls negatively impact customer sentiment and lead to higher cost-to-serve ratios. By proactively addressing potential high bills and explaining the factors that drive them, utilities can streamline the customer experience and improve satisfaction.

Drive “Digital First” Engagement

Your business customers rely on data to make strategic decisions. Unfortunately, energy data is either too complex or too hard to access for many companies to translate into actionable intelligence. By connecting account data to energy actions utilities can deliver a comprehensive, impactful digital energy experience.

Provide Consistency Across Phone, Field, and Web Channels

Business customers are highly segmented in their preferred method of communication. Unfortunately, many energy providers do not have a comprehensive way to deliver energy insights and options across multiple channels. By deploying dedicated tools for call center reps, field engineers, and consumers, utilities can ensure customers have access to the right information no matter where they go looking for it.

The Customer Portal

With an intuitive user experience and best-in-class analytics capabilities, Agentis provides non-residential customers with concise, actionable, and relevant energy information.

  • 94% of end-users report high satisfaction with the Agentis Customer Portal experience.
  • 89% of Agentis end-users report being "somewhat or very" aware of the programs their energy provider offers to them.
  • 77% of business customers registered for the Customer Portal report managing their energy usage differently after viewing analytics within the platform.

The Advisor Portal

Remove friction from the customer journey by delivering energy analytics and insights to approved utility staff. Agentis eliminates costly IT tasks and improves the effectiveness of Call Center and Key Accounts personnel.

  • A Consistent User Experience - The Advisor Portal enables utility Key Account Managers and Call Center Reps to access customer energy data quickly and easily, streamlining customer interactions in the field and on the phone.
  • More impactful customer conversations - Agentis enabled staff have access to historic billing and meter data, allowing them to quickly produce actionable reports on energy trends related to usage, cost, and demand for any customer they are speaking with.

Business Energy Reports

Deliver simplified and actionable energy insights to small and mid-sized non-residential customers for electric, gas, and duel fuel accounts.

  • Engage hard-to-reach SMB customers - Many utilities lack accurate email addresses for SMB customers. SMB customers are also less likely to engage with the energy provider via digital channels. Direct mail reports enable the utility to consistently provide useful energy insights and suggestions to SMB accounts.
  • Increase Program Awareness - BERs present SMB customers with actionable insights around their usage and cost trends. These reports also contain personalized suggestions for relevant DSM programs, allowing the utility to cross-promote their most valuable offerings to SMB customers.

Contractor Connect

Provides a task scheduling wizard which collects key information about energy-related projects, identifies relevant contractors and posts a request for service on a contractor facing job board.

  • Streamline The Customer Experience - Contractor Connect removes friction from the customer journey by reducing the time and effort it takes to complete energy projects. The scheduling wizard helps customers find relevant trade partners to complete lighting, HVAC, solar, and other projects.
  • Create A Centralized Ecosystem - Contractor Connect funnels new projects to a list of utility approved trade contractors, generating more business for them and helping non-residential accounts along the way. This ecosystem improves the utility’s relationship with end-use consumers as well as trade partners in their network.

Agentis Drives Actions.

Engage Your Hard-to-Reach Business Customers With:

  • Personalized Energy Insights
  • Bundles of Suggested Actions
  • Reporting Tools Delivered Via Email, Microsite, and Widgets

ComEd relies on the Agentis Customer Engagement Portal to meet energy efficiency targets and cultivate deeper customer relationships across small, medium, and large accounts. Guidehouse (formerly Navigant) has evaluated this program for behavioral energy efficiency savings and confirmed statistically significant reductions in daily energy use totaling 276,000 MWh.


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Behavioral Savings
Case Study

CEP consists of a suite of self-serve tools that show customers how their current energy use compares to the same period of previous years, as well as to that of other businesses within the same segment. CEP suggests behavioral measures to reduce energy use, as well as utility energy efficiency program offerings that customers may qualify for. The customer-facing software module contains energy visualizations, analysis, and actionable energy change simulations for both demand and usage.


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Customer Engagement Portal
Sell Sheet

The most important aspect of any software system is engagement. Do people find the software valuable, do they use it often, would they recommend it to their colleagues? Digital energy portals are no different, and to ensure long-term success you need to actively track and manage platform adoption. Below are key metrics to consider after deploying a digital energy portal. 


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Agentis Blog
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Digital energy portals help your C&I customers better understand, and better manage their energy use. The Agentis Customer Engagement Portal is the only tool of its kind to deliver third-party verified behavioral savings for business accounts. Agentis digital technology also increases program uplift for your other energy-saving opportunities by promoting relevant rebates, incentives, and programs to the customers most likely to participate.


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