The Agentis Platform:
Suite of Services


Extensive Voice of Customer (VOC) research coupled with a tailored approach to individual utility partners has positively impacted Agentis’ cutting-edge technology offerings. The Agentis Platform has grown from an easy-to-use energy management software for commercial customers into a robust data engine enriched by business segmentation and analytics. The result is a comprehensive Suite of Services to meet the varying needs of utilities and their business customers. 

Utilities gain new insights into customer energy use, incorporate new revenue generation opportunities, and streamline customer service operations. Business customers are empowered and enabled to take charge of their energy with helpful data technology, meaningful recommendations, and a stronger relationship with their utility.

The Agentis Suite of Services includes:


Engagement Software

Flexible energy management SaaS that allows small, medium, and large businesses to engage in their energy use and find savings opportunities, utility incentives, and available program options.



An analytic deep dive into industry and multi-account energy use trends, greatly empowers utilities and implementation partners to engage and market like never before.

Business Energy Reports

A direct mail-based approach targeting hard-to-reach small and medium business customers—an ideal product when customer touch points matter.


Service Finder Portal

Connects business customers with trade contractors in a self-service environment while offering the utility unique insights into the vetted contractor pool.