Energy Engagement Software and Data Insights for Business Customers


Deepen Relationships & Increase Program Adoption


Engagement Software

Strong online energy management software is one of the greatest drivers of customer satisfaction. Sophisticated business customers expect their utility to give them access to their energy use data and provide actionable ways to empower that use.

Energy management software can now
be used for behavior change energy efficiency.

Read more about our innovative approach to evaluation and success with one of our longest running customers.

A Tailored Experience

Agentis realizes not all utilities are the same—some care about energy efficiency while others are more focused on customer satisfaction and education. With the role-based access, Agentis allows for a tailored experience based on utility needs and customer size. Provide your largest customers with a data rich experience they expect and small business customers a simpler interface.

Industry Best User Interface

Voice-of-customer research is at the core of the Agentis Platform. Hundreds of customer surveys and conversations have contributed to enriching the experience for utility partners and their business end-users. VOC research permeates throughout the Platform and has been a main driver for customer satisfaction scores of 94%.



Analysis-Based Solution Engine

Businesses want to know what programs make sense for them and what programs their peers are taking advantage of. The Agentis Platform's powerful solution engine takes into account energy usage profiles, business type, peer participation, size and much more to make sure businesses are getting the right recommendations for their business.

Frequent and Effective Outbound Communication

The Agentis Platform email messaging system has an impressive track record of more than 42% open rate and in excess of 70% logins based on email prompts from those opens.



Powerful CSR Tools

Utility personnel are the first line to building lasting customer relationships. Agentis' Engagement Software grants staff access to new customer insights, giving them the ability to have a greater understanding about their customers before speaking with them on the phone, having in-person meetings, or conducting energy audits.