Portfolio-Level Analytics for Optimized Targeting


Enable Outreach Teams to Work Smarter


Efficiency ID

Powerful data analytics empower utility teams with the know how to better target customer needs and build strong relationships. Agentis’ Efficiency ID can help utility personnel open conversations in new ways and deliver solutions that can exceed customer expectations.


Here's How It Works:

  • Interval data analysis, combined with segmentation, allows utility personnel to focus on specific industries or business sizes to promote programs, RCx, or other incentives and opportunities.
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding of customer energy use trends point to which segments can benefit most from efficiency or outreach.
  • Efficiency ID provides flexibility to quickly provide a portfolio-wide view or specific business customer subsets.

Efficiency ID: Targeting Small Commercial Buildings for Outreach


Dig Deep Into the Business Portfolio

Ready to gain a new insights into the business customer portfolio? Dig into specific business types and identify and target top candidates to engage within certain business verticals such as office, restaurants, or education. Resulting Business-Type Segmentation Analysis and Customer Ranking Reports are helpful for Implementation Staff to begin enacting outreach strategies.

Better Serve Multi-Site Locations

Larger portfolio businesses with multi-account locations expect utilities to use sophisticated data tools to guide them through the why and how of incentivized capital projects. Proven data analytics and compelling visuals help pinpoint opportunities within a specific business portfolio and allow for valuable conversations and trust building during these large customer visits.

Efficiency ID has been especially successful in motivating hard-to-reach chain accounts to participate in retro-commissioning programs.


Efficiency ID: Finding Savings Opportunities During Hot Weather Events

Enable Key Account Team

Various charts and graphs can quickly show utility personnel where to focus efforts within the C&I footprint. Using available account data, account managers can delve into each managed account and prioritize visits based on high energy use flags. Geospatial overlays can show strained substations and provide new efficiency project targets.