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Customer Engagement Portal

Reimagine The Digital Energy Experience

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Because every customer deserves a personalized experience

Tailored User Experience

Clear, actionable information about their account. Displaying the most important account data in a portal that is easy to navigate and understand.

Personalized Suggestions

Energy efficiency tips and projects specifically created for each customer. Serving relevant content based on each customer's unique characteristics.

Energy Empowerment

Trends, changes, and other critical information. Answering customer questions before they are asked and communicating critical energy information.

Building Better Relationships

Utilities rely on the Agentis engagement portal to build better relationships with their business customers. Highlight critical information about billing, usage, and utility programs.

Engage SMBs and C&I Differently

No two business customers are alike and, unlike your residential customers, a one-size-fits-all approach to engagement won't work. With role-based access, Agentis allows for a tailored experience based on utility needs and customer size. Provide your largest customers with a data-rich experience they expect and small business customers with a simpler interface. Learn more about how your customers interact with the Agentis engagement platform below.

Deliver Meaningful Suggestions

Businesses want to know which programs make sense for them and which programs or incentives their peers are taking advantage of. The Agentis Platform's powerful solution engine takes into account energy usage profiles, business type, peer participation, size, and our own proprietary data to ensure customers are getting the best recommendations for their business.

Empower Your Staff

Utility personnel are critical to building lasting customer relationships. Agentis' Engagement Software grants staff access to new customer insights, giving them the ability to better understanding their customers before speaking with them on the phone, having in-person meetings, or conducting energy audits. The Agentis portal provides a full suite of utility enablement tools including a drag and drop report builder, field data collection, and more.

Lets crunch the numbers.



77% Of Agentis enabled customers are engaging with their energy provider's programs



94% Of users are satisfied with the Agentis Business Engagement Platform


Actions Taken

78% Of Agentis platform users are managing their energy usage differently


Service Costs

34% Fewer calls to business customer call centers from Agentis users

Discover the leading solution for business customer engagement

Agentis' data team leverages usage profiles, business type, peer information, size, and more to personalize the experience of each account, providing large customers with a rich, relevant data experience, and small customers with quick access to the information they care about the most.

Explore Solutions By Initiative

We understand that every utility has a unique regulatory environment, consumer demands, and corporate strategy. We know how critical it is to have tools configured to fit those unique challenges. Agentis products are designed for "Engagement" which means they can drive a wide variety of results including energy efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost-of-service reduction.