Women’s Energy Summit Nominee: Agentian Ariel Braude

On September 1st, 2015, Agentian Ariel Braude was nominated as a Rising Star by the Women’s Energy Summit in Chicago, IL.  The event started as a networking luncheon where the nominees were given a chance to interact with mentors in the sustainability industry.  Amongst the many influential mentors, Braude was impressed with the keynote speaker Katie Mehnert, CEO & Founder of Pink Petro. Her company is focused on developing an online community for women in energy around the world to communicate and provide resources to create success in the industry. Her main goal was to show the attendees how to brand themselves. Her motto was to “know it, grow it, show it,” in other words “know yourself, grow yourself, and show yourself.”

The Women’s Energy Summit was a national event attended by women from all over the country. Agentian Braude was extremely honored to be amongst the influential women in the sustainability industry. Ariel credits her nomination to Agentis Energy and Clean Energy Trust’s Amy Francetic. She said “I could not have gotten here if it was not for my work with Agentis. The company has given me the voice to make a difference in the energy industry and to provide an impact on the company. It is a company that values my opinions and knowledge and trusts me to continue the mission of Agentis and its energy efficiency practices.” Agentis has provided Braude a platform to make her mark in the energy industry.

Braude’s long-term goal is to make an impact within sustainability. The nomination reinforced Braude’s decision to pursue a career in the Green industry and just like Mehnert, Braude is dedicated to creating a brand for herself and Agentis.


Picture: Ariel Braude