Agentis Announces Platform Updates


Agentis continues to empower utilities and their business customers with advancements in energy efficiency technology. That’s why the firm is excited to announce the launching of The Agentis Platform 6.1, featuring new functionality that provides ease and convenience to our existing Platform modules. Version 6.1 enriches the user and administrator experience by adding two new features: Green Button Download My Data and the Report Builder functionality.

The exciting Report Builder functionality, available on the CRM Platform, allows utility personnel to build customized energy reports for their business customers. Personnel can now easily download PDFs and share these reports with their customers—enhancing the customers’ understanding of their electricity use as well as building stronger customer/utility relationships.
New Green Button Download My Data functionality is also now available on both Agentis’ CRM Platform and the User Platform. This functionality allows both utility personnel and business customer to download all the specified account’s available interval energy data— by meter — for a selected time period. Green Button Download’s primary function is to increase data accessibility for planning and analysis, as well as a variety of other uses.

Agentis is confident that these new features will allow more convenient access to data and better analytic capabilities. This new functionality will enable utility personnel to better engage their C&I accounts.

Agentis continues to develop new tools and functionality for the Agentis Platform. Stay tuned for more updates to come!

Platform Update