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Outbound Small Business Engagement

Energy Insights Delivered To Your Hard-to-Reach Accounts

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Because Small Business Accounts Have Been Ignored For Too Long

Answer Questions

BER's proactively answer customer questions reducing strain on your call centers and improving satisfaction scores.

Extend Your Reach

Direct mail is still the most effective way to reach underserved segments like small and mid-sized accounts. Connect directly with your hard to reach customers.

Promote Programs

Advertise incentives, opportunities, and any other utility messaging directly to the business with multiple messaging sections on every BER.

Request A Sample Business Energy Report

Let Agentis mail you a BER. Business energy reports elevate the customer experience by delivering personalized, targeted, and easy to understand energy suggestions directly to your customer's mailbox.

Answer Customer Questions

Customers deserve to know why their bill changes from month to month. BERs answer questions before they're asked. In fact, Agentis-treated business customers claim to make 34% fewer calls to their utility. Recipients' of Agentis BERs have significantly higher J.D. Power scores.

Extend Your Reach

How do you engage small business accounts? Utilities must embrace a multiple channel approach to connect with hard to reach and underserved segments. BER's provide a unique advantage since direct mail is the single most impactful channel for SMBs. Engage your underserved markets and generate proven results.

Promote Your Programs

BERs ensures that utilities maximize interactions with their hard to reach business customers. Increase program uplift and promote capital improvement projects by ensuring your customers are aware of every opportunity that they qualify for. Send your customers actionable CTA’s and track engagement and program participation.

Deploying A BER to Your Customers

Step 1 - Targeting

Using intelligent filtering, Agentis ensures mail is posted to the most probable accounts.

Step 2 - Awareness

A customer outreach campaign is designed to drive strong awareness and understanding of the upcoming BER

Step 3 - Generation

Agentis technology uses a proprietary algorithm to automate personalized report generation for each unique business.

Step 4 - Delivery and Measurement

Agentis deploys the BER in waves and tracks detailed analytics about program participation

Let's crunch the numbers.



58% Of study respondents reported sharing the BER with others in their organization.



89% Of study respondents reported knowing about utility programs after reading a BER.


Action Taken

38% Report using at least one of the EE tips contained in the BER.



55% Of the study respondents were “more satisfied” with their utility after receiving the BER.

Verified Behavioral Savings

Agentis is also the only company to offer direct mail energy reports for the small and mid-sized business accounts segment. Agentis Business Energy Reports delivered savings of 1.4% of daily use per account per year.

Explore Solutions By Initiative

We understand that every utility has a unique regulatory environment, consumer demands, and corporate strategy. We know how critical it is to have tools configured to fit those unique challenges. Agentis products are designed for "Engagement" which means they can drive a wide variety of results including energy efficiency, customer satisfaction, and non-energy revenue.