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The 2019 Midwest Energy Solutions conference on Feb 20-22 is shaping up to be a must-attend event for anyone in energy efficiency.  MEEA has been putting on a consistently good show for years because they know who to invite, which topics to cover, and which big trends energy efficiency professionals want to learn about. Here’s a quick look at the things team Agentis is most excited for this year.

What We’re Excited to See

1. Harnessing Technology To Engage Customers


Energy is changing. Join smart grid experts to explore how utilities will harness emerging trends like smart thermostats, home assistant products, and AMI to engage with customers in a meaningful way. Thursday - Workshop C1: Harnessing Technology to Engage Customers at 3:30PM.

2. What do the 18’ Elections mean for Energy Efficiency


The 2018 midterm elections will undoubtedly have a major impact on energy efficiency and regulatory mandates moving forward. What could a “green new deal” mean for the Midwest? What will change in your service area?  EE is becoming part of the national conversation and its critical that you understand which way the winds of change are blowing. We’ll be attending the session “What do the 2018 elections mean for EE” on Wed Feb 20, at 2:00PM to learn more.

3. Market Transformation and Energy Efficiency


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Speaking of change, what role will market transformation play in the evolving energy efficiency paradigm? As traditional business models are confronted with more complex services, more focus on consumer satisfaction, and whole new sets of financial challenges, what role will EE play? Attend the plenary session: "What Role Can Market Transformation Play in the Evolving EE Paradigm?" on Thurs Feb 21 at 9:15AM to learn what to expect.

What We’re Excited to Do

1. Attend The Networking & Award Receptions


Crunching the numbers a bit, MES19 looks like a great place to network with like minded energy pros. After all, good conferences are so much more than just informative sessions. Meeting key people form utilities, implementers and vendors is arguably more important than sitting in a workshop or walking the exhibit hall. MES19 has over 600 attendees, 41% of whom are director level or higher.

The awards gala on Thursday is another great chance to meet innovative people from the industry, but more importantly it's an opportunity to learn about key successes, new techniques, and major trends. Winners this year include:

  • Leadership: Mayor Rahm Emanuel, City of Chicago
  • Leadership: Richard Mark, Chairman & President of Ameren Illinois
  • Education: Ameren Illinois
  • Impact: Minnesota Army National Guard
  • Innovation: Focus on Energy's Wisconsin SEM Leaders Initiative
  • Marketing: Focus on Energy "Wisconsin Is In" campaign

2. Walk The Exhibit Hall



22 exhibitors will present their products and services. Technology vendors are a critical part of the energy efficiency ecosystem and in-person demos are a great way to directly compare new solutions. Make sure you stop by the Agentis booth exhibit for a full demo of our leading customer engagement platform!