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Tendril Acquires FirstFuel

- Agentis is now the only company focused exclusively on business customer engagement

With the recent news that Tendril has acquired FirstFuel we expect to see a lot of questions from utility personnel about how this will impact the non-residential customer engagement market.

Agentis is now the only company solely focused on engaging business customers.

That matters because businesses are fundamentally different from their residential counterparts. Businesses have different needs, expectations, and challenges. Understanding these differences is critical to driving better engagement at non-residential accounts. 


How Was Agentis Similar To FirstFuel?


Before Tendril acquired FirstFuel, both Agentis and FirstFuel provided some similar functionality. Specifically, both companies had tools for energy analytics.

  • Agentis and FirstFuel both provided energy visualizations to businesses
  • Agentis and FirstFuel both used advanced analytics to segment non-residential customers

Though our approach to customer engagement differed greatly from FirstFuel's, both companies did offer similar analytics capabilities. For example, Agentis products deliver clear, accurate, and informative visualizations around usage, demand, time-of-use, and other critical energy profile data. Likewise, FirstFuel products displayed energy visualization charts and graphs. 


How Were Agentis and FirstFuel Different?


Before the acquisition by Tendril, Agentis and FirstFuel had fundamentally different views on what makes a successful customer engagement platform. We’ve long believed that data doesn’t matter if you can’t translate it into value for the end user. As a result, we’ve taken a much more "user-focused" approach to business customer engagement.

  • Agentis delivers insights, not just analytics
  • Agentis takes a multi-channel approach to engagement
  • Agentis has products beyond just data visualization

Our philosophy is best highlighted in three core areas. First, Agentis is focused on delivering actionable insights, not just energy information. Second, we believe the customer should dictate how they want to receive information, not the other way around. And finally, we think that analytics are just the beginning — real customer engagement means much more than just charts and graphs.


1.)   Insights Beyond The Bar Graph

Agentis is the only company to deliver third-party verified behavioral savings from business customers. In fact, we were able to generate 2.76% savings for a large Midwestern utility in 2018. These results are partially due to the smart suggestions that Agentis provides to business customers. These suggestions include easy to digest tips, savings advice, and utility sponsored programs.




Agentis delivers these suggestions via the industry's most advanced hyper-personalization techniques - segmenting accounts by business type, location, size, and our own proprietary data. By looking at engagement “beyond the bar graph” we have created a much more customer friendly digital experience. In fact, a recent survey showed that 94% of Agentis end-users are satisfied or very satisfied with the Agentis platform.


2.)  Deliver insights in multiple ways


One of the key findings from our Voice-of-Customer research is that small and mid-sized companies often prefer non-digital channels for receiving information about their energy usage. Furthermore, many SMB accounts that do prefer an online portal want that online information to be simple and easy to act on. Agentis is the only company to custom configure the user experience based on the size and sophistication of each account. 

Agentis is also the only non-residential vendor to offer direct mail energy reports. We have successfully mailed millions of Business Energy Reports to small and mid-sized accounts across the country. These reports have a number of benefits to the customer, but critically, they provide a channel beyond  digital and call-center outreach, enabling utilities to better engage their hard-to-reach segments. 


3.)   Analytics are just the beginning


At Agentis, we think that engagement means much more than just data analytics. 

Energy providers need to do more than just display energy data. They need to connect trade contractors to customers seeking projects, they need to enable staff to better target accounts, and they need to give field reps the tools to better engage C&I customers.



Agentis is the only company to help utilities embrace this changing dynamic via a “smart market” that automatically connects business customers with trade allies, our Contractor Connect product.

Furthermore, we know that remote energy audits are highly limited in their accuracy and need to be supplemented with additional data sources.  That's why we’ve looked beyond remote disaggregation to enable field-reps and key account managers with dedicated tools. These products allow the utility to supplement inaccurate remote disaggregation with information from customer survey responses and notes from on-site visits.


Agentis Is Focused On Business Customer Engagement


Agentis is now the only company focused on engaging non-residential customers. That’s a big deal. Business customers have different needs, and expectations, and they present unique opportunities for growth. We are committed to serving non-residential accounts and dedicated to delivering  better products for you non-residential customers. For more information about our expertise in business customer engagement click the link below.

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