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Why It Matters


Agentis digital customer engagement technology drives energy efficiency savings at non-residential accounts. 

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Agentis for Energy Efficiency


For most utilities, business accounts represent the majority of your load, and the majority of your potential DSM savings opportunity. Unfortunately, many energy providers focus their digital energy efficiency initiatives on residential solutions. That's a shame... Your C&I customers deserve a digital energy efficiency strategy that’s exclusively focused on them.

Digital energy portals help your C&I customers better understand, and better manage their energy use. The Agentis Customer Engagement Portal is the only tool of its kind to deliver third-party verified behavioral savings for business accounts. Agentis digital technology also increases program uplift for your other energy saving opportunities by promoting relevant rebates, incentives, and programs to the customers most likely to participate.


The Search For Cost-Effective Savings 


Technology Changes —

According to a 2018 study by Lawrence Berkley National Lab, declining costs for gas-fired and renewable generation will translate into lower avoided costs (and reduced EE program benefits); as a result, program administrators will find it harder to design a cost-effective EE portfolio.

Policy Changes —

In recent years, many states have adopted more stringent building codes, and federal and state governments have adopted new or updated standards for appliances and equipment, raising the baseline against which savings are measured, making it more difficult to obtain cost-effective savings.

Lighting & EISA 2020 —

Commercial lighting improvements typically account for 30 – 50% of planned net savings in EE program portfolios. New EISA standards that should go into effect in 2020 could reduce LED savings by 80—90% making many lighting measures no longer cost-effective and creating tension between goals, budgets, and achievable verified savings. Behavioral programs offer a low-cost and effective alternative to these diminishing lighting returns.


Agentis Verified Behavioral Savings


With these challenges looming, many energy providers are hunting for innovative ways to capture demand side savings. As the leader in the non-residential space, Agentis can help you deliver.

The Agentis Customer Engagement Portal delivered 3rd party verified savings of 2.76% daily useAgentis is also the only company to offer direct mail energy reports for the small and midsized business accounts segment. Agentis Business Energy Reports delivered 3rd party verified savings of 1.4% of annual use among the treatment group.


Benefits Beyond Savings


Customer Experience —

Market research studies show that customers who are more aware of EE programs have higher satisfaction scores, even if they don’t participate in those programs. Specifically, a recent study found

"Survey data from (J.D. Power) suggests a positive correlation between the energy efficiency efforts  and customer satisfaction. The survey found only 32% of business customers overall were familiar with their gas utility’s energy efficiency programs, but those who were familiar were significantly more satisfied with gas prices than those who were not. This one variable, awareness of energy efficiency programs, accounted for a 112 point difference on a 1,000 point scale of overall customer satisfaction." 




Program Uplift —

Furthermore, increased program awareness often leads to higher participation rates. A 2015 study of mailed energy reports found a boost in program uplift of 8% on average across three segments of energy users. These results have been realized by utilities in the residential sector for years now, but few energy providers currently replicate this strategy in their C&I populations. 

Improve Your Commercial DSM Portfolio 

Agentis is the only company exclusively focused on engaging your business customers. We are obsessed with understanding their needs and developing solutions they love. Because of that focus, we are the only company able to provide 3rd-party-verified savings. Start your C&I savings journey today.


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