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Advisor portal

Empowering your staff to better understand and better serve business customers

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Because data only matters if you can translate it into value

More Opportunities

Target the accounts most likely to respond to projects, incentives, or consulting opportunities. Deliver low hanging fruit to account managers and field reps.

Better Service

Compelling visuals, deep insights, and robust communication tools. Connect multi-account locations with incentivized capital projects.

Enabled Staff

Automated lists of ranked accounts. Streamline staff time by prioritizing visits based on energy use flags, peer comparisons, and more.

Smarter Targeting For Smarter Energy Providers

Powerful data analytics empower utility teams with the know-how to better target customer needs and build stronger relationships. The Agentis Advisor Portal delivers deeper insights, more efficient teams, and happier customers.

Identify Opportunities

Interval data analysis, combined with segmentation, allows utility personnel to focus on specific industries or business sizes to promote programs, RCx, or other incentives and opportunities. Enable your energy efficiency team by highlighting the accounts that will see the greatest benefit from utility programs.

Improve Customer Interactions

The Advisor Portal provides a portfolio-wide view of specific business customer subsets. Data analytics and compelling visuals help pinpoint opportunities within an account portfolio, and easy-to-understand visuals enable better client communication.

Empower Your Staff

Data analytics empower utility teams with the know-how to better target customer needs and build strong relationships. Agentis’ Advisor Portal helps utility personnel open conversations in new ways and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Engagement On The Go

Enablement tools for your staff on the road. Agentis provides streamlined report building, note taking, CRM integration, and more to your field rep team. Engage customers and empower your staff with the best tools on the market.

Explore Solutions By End User

The customer engagement platform is sold exclusively to utilities. Learn more about how utility partners and their business customers benefit from Agentis technology

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