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Changing The Way Businesses View Their Utility

Agentis takes a different approach to customer engagement. We apply extensive voice-of-customer research to complex energy data, creating compelling, user-focused products that business customers love. Because data is only valuable if you can translate it into something the customer actually cares about. Drive Engagement. Forge Relationships. Become A Trusted Energy Advisor.

The Energy Landscape Is Shifting


In 2019, five hundred and forty two new energy efficiency bills were introduced. Federal, State, and local mandates are becoming more aggressive, more frequent, and more important to your non-residential customers


Investor Owned utilities ranked 28th out of 51 industries in the ACSI satisfaction index 2017, one spot above the US post office. Business customers increasingly view their utility as a cost center and a burden, not a partner in their success.


A 2015 Accenture report predicted that utilities could face a 15% decrease in energy demand by 2025. Large C&I customers are already adopting rooftop solar, microgrids, and other disruptive technologies at an astonishing rate.

Our Mission

As energy markets change consumers are demanding better service, regulators are mandating more energy efficiency results, and revenue opportunities from non-energy sources are becoming essential to long-term survival and growth. We strive to be a leader in this new energy landscape — to save energy, to build better relationships, and to usher in the utility of the future. Unlike residential consumers, however, business customers are highly segmented in their energy usage, making a one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagement impossible. To overcome these challenges we are focused on addressing real customer needs and committed to understanding what business consumers want from their energy provider. We are dedicated to our utility clients, acting as a partner invested in their long-term success, not as a vendor. And we are determined to deliver results, because Agentis was created to change the way business customer view their energy provider, to take bold steps, bet on ourselves, and invest in the technology that will make customer engagement better for everyone.

Our Approach

Voice of Customer Research

Data means absolutely nothing if you don't translate it into something that provides end users with value. Agentis is the only company to deliver third-party verified results for non-residential EE savings because we invest heavily in end user research. Our data scientists apply those insights to complex energy data creating compelling, user-friendly products that business customers actually enjoy using.

Our History

2009 was the height of the great recession. Bankruptcies soared 32% that year and companies across the country were fighting to keep the lights on. A group of Chicago entrepreneurs saw these struggles and knew there had to be a way to help. Smart meters were just beginning to reach the mainstream, and the data they produced offered never before seen levels of detail into energy usage and trends. By leveraging their combined expertise in data science, voice of customer research, and software development, our founders knew they could make an impact with this new data. They created the very first Agentis product that year, an energy efficiency portal designed to save customers money. Since then, Agentis has continued to grow our offerings to serve additional needs, but at our core, we are still a team of innovative people looking to solve real problems with energy data.