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Empowering businesses and their energy providers. Enabling the shift to a low carbon and customer centric future.

Do Something Big, Together


How can we reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring reliable, affordable energy for future generations? We believe that data holds the answer. Agentis technology transforms millions of energy data points into useful analysis, insights, and suggestions for a more efficient world


Using Big Data To Transform The Energy Landscape

Agentis leverages billions of data points from over 2.5M businesses in North America to change the way businesses work with their utility. We believe this data will unlock new ways to reduce carbon emissions, accelerate the adoption of new technologies like solar and battery storage, and permanently change the relationship between businesses and the utilities that serve them.

Energy data is a new frontier - Smart Meters in North America produce billions of unique data points each year, representing a massive untapped potential.

Big problems need big solutions - Non-residential buildings (businesses, hospitals, schools, governments, etc.) make up roughly two-thirds of all energy usage, yet only a fraction of existing energy programs are dedicated to this group.

Data Can Transform – Reducing business energy usage will make a real impact for generations to come. For example, in just one year a large utility used Agentis technology to drive energy savings equivalent to taking 58,000 homes off of the grid.

Our Values


Be Honest And Keep Your Word

Integrity is our strength. Our world relies on people who can be counted on, even when things don't go according to plan. We believe in open, frank communication internally and with our customers.

Create Solutions, Avoid Excuses

Businesses depend on power for their livelihood, and utilities take that responsibility seriously. We apply the same mentality to serving our customers. Every problem, no matter how small it may seem, deserves a focused and timely solution. We value a commitment to getting it right.

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Get More Done With Less

Creativity will eventually overcome any barrier. We pride ourselves on innovative thinking and foster a culture of individual action. That means wearing multiple hats, rolling up your sleeves, and not being afraid to challenge the status quo.

Understand Customers And Make Them Successful

Listen first. Being an expert requires much more than just subject matter knowledge. We are patient, thoughtful, and above all empathetic to the needs and constraints of the clients we serve. Taking the time to understand their needs makes us more successful. 


Improve Yourself and Take On New Challenges

We are restless people. There's always something more to learn, an area to improve, or a new approach to try. We experiment, push, and are never satisfied with a "quiet day at the office". 

Interested In Joining Our Team?

We are fortunate to provide the perk of purpose and are passionate about hiring people who strive to make an impact on something more than just a balance sheet. We’re looking for people who exhibit a core set of principles that have defined our mission since Agentis was founded.