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Our Team is Growing.

You Will Too.

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Take On Big Challenges

When people are inspired by the work that they do, success will come naturally. We are looking for people who want to solve difficult problems, engage with likeminded individuals, and make a real impact on the future.

Engage Your Curiosity

We’re an inquisitive group who come to work every day ready to tackle tough, meaningful problems. Joining Agentis will help you expand horizons, improve skills, and make an impact on the environment.

Expand Your Horizons

The energy landscape is undergoing a dramatic shift. Renewables, battery storage, community micro-girds, and more will completely change the way energy is harnessed and moved from place to place. Joining Agentis will put you at the forefront of the new energy ecosystem. We're looking for pioneers excited to explore the future with us.

Find A Purpose

Working at Agentis does come with the added benefit of working towards a greater good. Energy efficiency programs prevent millions of tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere every year. We are looking for employees who want to not just earn a living, they want to do something meaningful with their skills.


Partner with energy providers to expand, improve, and direct the leading software platform for customer engagement in the $1.4 trillion global energy market.

Lead with us.


Develop beautiful, practical software that has a real impact on the environment, the bottom line of millions of businesses, and the future of energy as we know it.

Innovate with us.


Bring Agentis software products to life and connect with energy providers in a meaningful, long-term, positive way that positions them for utility 2.0.

Inspire with us.


Direct the momentum of Agentis software products to maximize value in the radically changing and rapidly growing customer engagement market.

Grow with us.

Data Science

Analyze, interpret and explore data from over 2 million end users of Agentis software tools. Enter the exciting space of smart meters, IoT, and energy analytics.

Discover with us.

Customer Success

Facilitating success and growing relationships. Design, organize and implement client projects and become a trusted advisor to our utility partners.

Optimize with us.

Life At Agentis

Agentis is building a foundational team and we are investing in the long-term happiness and productivity of our colleagues. Some examples of that commitment:

Continuous Learning

The energy industry can be daunting to learn for an outsider and we are committed to making every one of our employees an expert. Industry memberships and continual learning events are table steaks for Agentis.

Transparent and Diverse Culture

All Agentians can be their unique selves at work, and are encouraged to share their passions with the wider team. In fact, we have a regular companywide learning session on non-work topics (how to make the perfect espresso for example).

Great Benefits

We’re proud to offer top-of-class medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance - in addition to health savings accounts, and commuter spending accounts. Plus, 401k matching.

Team Building

Our team has fun and we connect beyond the desk. We have weekly yoga, happy hour, game nights and trivia. Plus unique events like a toddler music class for the parents of young kids!

Technology That Removes Barriers

We ensure you'll be working on the best equipment. Perks include stocked kitchen, standing desks, state-of-the-art hardware, and for our technology team, the most advanced technology stack.

Social Responsibility

We invest our time, talent and energy into our volunteer activities. Join us by participating in projects, mentoring interns and engaging in meaningful volunteerism.

Meet Some Of Team Agentis

Hear from some of our team members on WHY they chose Agentis.

"Imagine a world where factories, stadiums, and skyscrapers
were able to generate 100% of their power from solar...
I joined Agentis because that future is a lot closer than most people think"

Brad Cain
What does joining Agentis mean to me? 
Agentis presents an opportunity to take action. The energy industry is on the brink of renewable and sustainable revitalization, and I want to help pioneer these changes. Agentis prides itself on its mission to promote zero-carbon emissions. I'm excited to contribute to a company that is determinedly working towards this goal, and I'm inspired to have joined a team that shares my mindset in doing so. The intersectionality among energy, software, and data science encourages company-wide collaboration.
Max Hyman
Data Science

Why did I join Agentis?  The team. With a relatively small, nimble, and focused team Agentis is experiencing considerable success with its solutions in the market. Agentis has long-standing engagements with large utilities such as ComEd and We Energies, and has expanded its roster with new customers such as Georgia Power, DTE, and APS. It is evident there is a real tangible opportunity to scale the company to meet the market demand.

Rob Carr
"We're helping the planet and making cool, fun products along the way. Working on interesting projects that challenge you and make the world a better place... there's nothing better"
Christine Del Priore