Account Monitor

Making it easier to reduce your business's electric bill

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We Energies’ Account Monitor is the fast and free way to discover how your company is using electricity—so you can identify ways to save.

Find out new ways The user experience enhancements to Account Monitor described below will make it simpler and easier to analyze your energy use and identify energy saving opportunities.

Based on valuable feedback from business customers like you, the Account Monitor upgrades are focused on providing:

  • Updated look and feel
  • Optimization for mobile use
  • Alignment with ADA standards

If you have questions, feedback or ideas, please reach out to us by phone at 800-714-7777, ext. 7700 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday or by Email at

Your Energy Dashboard

Critical information, centralized

  • Large, dynamic bill period chart showing on and usage
  • Temperature data and optional humidity data
  • Key data points from the current bill period compared to the same or similar bill period the previous year

Costs And Savings

Highlighting the ways energy impacts your business

  • Updated display of monthly cost trends and detailed breakdown
  • Enhanced design of demand and usage shift tools makes it easier than ever to see potential impacts of shifting energy use to off peak periods

A Deeper Dive Into Energy Data

Experience a more flexible, intuitive, and powerful way to examine your energy usage.

  • Quick and easy filtering
  • On- and off-peak usage data
  • Usage chart features trends in high temperature and humidity
  • Redesigned Usage Breakdown chart

Data download functionality

Making it easier to view, capture, and share insights about your energy usage

  • The “Green Button Download my Data” feature is now available in the user settings dropdown, in addition to the Manage Accounts page
  • The Energy Star formatted download remains available for accounts that have at least 12 months of consecutive data available starting from the most recent data point