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We’re proud to join Uplight.

The road to clean energy for business customers just got a little easier with industry-leading digital energy engagement, analytics, and management tools.

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A Digital Energy Management Portal For Business Customers & Utility Staff

Energy Efficiency

80% of business customers wish to receive personalized energy tips and promotions from their utility, but only 35% of customers report receiving these services.

Customer Satisfaction

On average, utilities spend less on customer experience initiatives for business accounts. However, the average JD power score for business customers is 31% lower than the average for residential customers.


Few utilities have the capability and tools to enable their business support staff. However, a typical business account will have more complex usage, more rate options, and more complicated questions for call centers and field teams.

Your Business Customers Want

Personalized Insights

Data doesn't matter if you can't translate it into something the customer actually cares about. Businesses want clear, actionable savings tips, rate plan suggestions and comparisons, and easy-to-complete next steps.

Greater Control

Utilities provide a number of options for managing energy costs. By connecting meter data to offerings like time-varying rates, DSM programs, DER options, and more, utilities can remove friction from the customer experience.

Deeper Support

Energy providers need to deliver an informative, easy-to-use, and actionable energy experience across every channel. By connecting customer data to energy insights, utility staff such as Key Account Managers or Call Center Reps can provide a consistent and high-quality energy experience.

Energy Tools Your Customers Actually Use

What's the point of an energy portal if nobody logs in?

We've invested in powerful data visualizations, flexible reporting capabilities, and innovative communication techniques, but the single most important aspect of every tool we create is getting the customer to actually use it

That's why Agentis takes a different approach to engagement. We're focused on creating useful solutions that guarantee more customer logins, more returning visitors, more active accounts, and a better overall experience.

Customers Love Agentis

The Agentis Saas Platform

Digital Energy Experience

Small Business Engagement

Call Center & Field Staff Tools

Services Marketplace

Technology Configured For You

Agentis provides digital energy analytics and management tools to non-residential consumers. Agentis technology drives energy efficiency savings, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced operational costs.

Agentis Technology Suite

Success Stories - Delivering Measurable Increases In Satisfaction

Increasing Customer Service and Satisfaction

Rick Tonielli, Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager at an Agentis utility partner, explains the benefits of The Agentis Platform to "increase our level of service and customer satisfaction."


Here to help.

Transform the digital energy experience for your non-residential customers. Agentis drives customer actions by connecting energy data to relevant programs, products, and behaviors.

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