Engaging Your Hard To Reach Business Customers

Customer Engagement Platform For Energy Providers

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Why do utilities partner with Agentis?

Energy Efficiency

A single platform for complex energy usage data. Delivering personalized, actionable, and easy to understand energy efficiency suggestions.

Customer Satisfaction

A multi-channel approach to customer outreach. Developing meaningful customer relationships that position the utility as a trusted energy advisor.

New Revenue

An advisor portal for utility staff and key account managers. Accelerating your customers access to services, additional products, and consulting.

Agentis Delivers Results


Agentis-enabled customers are satisfied with their platform experience 94% of the time


More than half of recipients report sharing Agentis BERs with their colleagues


These users also make 34% fewer customer service calls.


Agentis-enabled customers save 2.75% energy annually


Nearly all recipients report knowing about utility programs after receiving an Agentis BER.


78% of platform users manage their electricity differently.

More Than Two Million End Users

Over two millions business customers across the United States rely on Agentis technology to save energy, reduce their bills, and discover new utility programs.

Saas Solutions For Forward Thinking Utilities

Engagement Portal

Business Energy Reports

Efficiency ID

Contractor Connect

Verified Energy Efficiency Savings

A large Midwestern utility saw 2.75% energy efficiency savings due to behavioral changes after implementing the customer engagement portal.

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Success Stories - Delivering Measurable Increases In Satisfaction

Increasing Customer Service and Satisfaction

Rick Tonielli, Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager at an Agentis utility partner, explains the benefits of The Agentis Platform to "increase our level of service and customer satisfaction."


Here to help.

Business customers are different. Agentis delivers a powerful technology platform that was custom designed for business customers. We understand the unique challenges energy providers face when dealing with highly segmented non-residential customers, and we are here to help engage them.

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