Agentis Empowers Utilities with Breakthrough Technology


“The Agentis Platform has been a remarkable tool in our continuous effort to manage and control utility spending. The Agentis tool provides unique reports and access to previously unavailable energy data which gives our team deep insights in our portfolio’s performance.”

— Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc.

“It puts a smile on my face. In this business, every penny counts because our margins are slim. I’ve spent $80K on what I’ve done…it’s good to see it’s paying off.”

— Manager, Medium Chain Store

“Using the admin side of the Agentis Platform, I am able to pull energy data reports to help customers get the best understanding of their energy use before deciding to do efficiency projects.”

— Utility Engineer


The New Energy Environment Changes Everything


The energy market is evolving. Dramatic shifts in customer expectations are causing disruption to traditional utility business models. Utilities must become customer-centric and service-focused—creating positive customer experiences that become thriving customer relationships.

Successful utilities want to conduct business in new and disruptive ways.
That’s why they are turning to Agentis.

Laser-focused on utilities and their small, medium, and large business customers, Agentis has created the breakthrough Agentis Platform. The Platform enables utilities to dynamically engage business customers with data-driven technology.

Using the Platform, utilities thrive—keeping their edge in the new energy environment, exceeding efficiency mandates, building deep customer relationships, and unearthing new revenue opportunities.

The Intelligent Platform

•  Learning system with ongoing data analytics

• Deeply understands C&I through Voice of Customer research and segment-specific expertise

• Sophisticated algorithms enable powerful peer benchmarking



The Adaptive Platform

• Unique C&I customer experience based on user audits, survey inputs, and employee participation

• Targeted and content rich messaging delivered via business segmentation

• Premier, customizable experience within each business class-size: Small, medium and large

The Robust Platform

• Organization-wide, customer and administration facing platform—The essential Agentis Ecosystem™—allowing collaboration between utility staff, partners, and business customers

• Analysis-based leads for optimized marketing outreach

• Deep energy efficiency program integration with historical participation rates driving increased rates of adoption


The Agentis Ecosystem™ Empowers Utilities to Thrive

Increase customer connections

Become the Energy Ally™ for your business customers. The Agentis Platform allows utility outreach teams to build strong customer relationships and gain customer trust by pinpointing and working jointly
towards the C&I customers’
energy efficiency and saving goals.


Capitalize on smart grid data

Collecting Smart Grid data is easy. Using it
to your utility’s advantage is another.
The Agentis Platform helps identify new customer energy-efficiency programs,
monitor program success, target energy-use outliers, and build better relationships with active customers.


Drive energy efficiency

As an Energy Ally, the Agentis Platform demonstrates to your business customers
the value in energy-efficiency programming and incentives. Your C&I customers can
track their energy savings before and after completing a recommendation—
compelling them to do even more.